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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hawaii 5-0 Pilot, Last Night.

I don't really remember the original Hawaii 5-0 as
I don't think I had passed the fifth grade when it aired. I do remember my dad loved it and never missed it. And I did read yesterday that Jack Lord, who died in 1998, was considered "ruggedly handsome and irresistible ..." Okay -- I will give that to the late 1960's and early 1970 and keep my own opinion of those terms. I think we grow Hollywood stars a little different now because in reality, should the terrorists be that much hotter than the cops?

Not that cops were bad, of course.

I had never seen any of the work of Alex O'Loughlin (McGarrett) before so I was

able to enjoy him with fresh eyes and I did like his performance as well as his banter with Scott Caan (Dano). Caan I have seen in several movies including all the "Ocean"'s as well as "American Outlaws". Enjoyed all. I have seen "Lost." I have seen "Battlestar", so Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park were easy to place. Great jobs.

The show itself, not bad. not the best, but not bad either. I enjoyed it. We did sorta think, with all the mentions of Dano's daughter, that Victor would be heading that way and was surprised when he didn't. The car -- hotter than the terrorist --and that isn't easy to do when your terrorist are formerly and forever Murphy and Spike ... that standing alone is way up on any scale. But I have a thing for muscle cars as most people who know me know and that one rocked. Would have done better going up the conveniently placed ramp to go onto the boat than the squad car.

I do have one question ... "Champ" ... what if the dad had kept a Craftsman’s toolbox?

That conversation might have gone different. :)

And for the obvious and the people gathered around here -- I loved Mr. Reedus' performance as Anton Hesse. I agree, not enough time, lines or anything to satisfy but enough to want more. Really wish he had been the last brother standing as they left a mystery as to whether Victor survived and Anton, he was pretty much a done deal. Needed more Reedus and his name was high up on the credits as they went by. Lucky for me, husband did forget the cookies so evil and dead did not earn five Oreos and I will have to owe the scoreboard.

The "answer the phone, you don't talk to your father enough ..." line was chilling and the

look superior and controlling.

But when Anton said the simple “Boom" in that soft, steady, in total control way -- I got shivers. Okay, I admit it. I loved it.


  1. I remember the original I amnot ashamed to admit I'm 58 was in high school. I graduated in 1970. So I would have liked seeing the new series to see if it would capture my attention like the other one did.

  2. Re airs Saturday the 25th, if you want to. It was good. And you do get to see our villain!! Nice to her from you Kathy. Know I have been missing in action a bit lately. Personal stuff.