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Friday, April 8, 2011

Sidebar: Suicide Kings

Um ... woe. Just ... um ... woe. This movie, taken out of order because it sounded like fun, and not realizing one of the stars was ... um ... wooooe. I might have to rethink my Collin Farrell choice for next actor watched. I know Matt Damon was mentioned, too, but after watching the full potential of Sean Patrick Flanery, only previously touched upon in his rocking performance of Boondock Saints -- the man stares at me daily with a picture I have framed in my office that a young artist drew and all three prominent Saint members autographed ... but really that picture is not why I am thinking of an alternate choice in future months. It's not why I am sitting here thinking of switching to SPF. It's not even the knowledge I could watch Mongolian Death Worm -- a movie I want to see on it's title alone. I guess after watching a movie this good -- The Suicide Kings -- I just all of a sudden have the urge ... :)

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