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Monday, April 4, 2011

Frogs Move Easier than People ...

Yes, this is a perfect representation of what moving is really like: smiles and butterflies and a quick hop ... oh, who the hell am I kidding ... LOL ... we had late nights, hitting two and three in the morning. We ran out of boxes and had to use garbage bags. We had the greatest set of kids to ever show up and say "What do you need? Where can I help? Getting food, moving this, cleaning that?" And with a Friday at 10:00 deadline looming, we literally finished getting the last thing in the truck and the last floor swept at Friday, 9:58. Yeah ... it was *that* close.

Did things always go right? Not even close.

"Who had the Chili Chicken Burrito," I called out one day.
"I got mine, the Black Bean and Cheese."
"Great," I say, "Who has the Chili Chicken Burrito?"
"Steak here." "Bean and Cheese over here." "Mine's the Burrito Bowl. Yummy."
"Great," I grit my teeth," Who. Had The. Chili ...."

How much fast food is too much for the body to take? And if most of those bodies are twenty-two or under, does the moving shit count as exercise while the almost fifty crowd reaches for Ben Gay and cracks when they bend at the knees?

We are in the new house surrounded by more than we ever realized we had, but we will get it it all either put away or sent away in a little while.

There were moments when each one of us took a turn: "This is hopeless. We are never going to make it." Then we would switch off and trade places, keeping each other going. Looking at it now, yeah, I wouldn't want to do it again, but you know what? It wasn't as bad as I thought and I think I might have even had some fun. I know I really enjoyed the company. Everyone deserves as set of kids as great as we got to borrow!!


  1. I *hate* moving. Congratulations for surviving it, and blessings on the borrowed kids!

  2. We moved 13 times in the first ten years of marriage. Longest in one place? Nine years. The future looms with yet another move when baby girls returns home with husband and baby in tow. And I'm not getting yournger. Yeah, I hate it, but I have it down to a bit of an art form after all these years. Congrats on making it under the wire!

  3. Wow! Where were those kids when *I* was moving? Congrats on surviving.