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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sidebar with a Guest: Is what you see REALLY what you get?

Sex, violence and adventure in a fictionary world.

What's one of the first things you think about when you see an actor or actress who starred in a sexy film? Well, other than 'would they do that with me?' quite a few people probably wonder if they are like the characters they played in real life.

As an author, I write in a number of different genres, some fiction and some non-fiction. In fiction, I tend to write romances, everything from sweet to erotic. And one of the first questions people ask me when they find out what I write: "Have you really done everything you write about in your books?

Well… yes and no.

Yes, I've had sex. Really. Sorry to burst any bubbles, but not all romance writers are frustrated, virginal librarians who are afraid to walk out their front door and experience life. While I like libraries (and librarians--virginal or not), I do walk out my front door quite often to take the dog out to use the … facilities. And I tend to step right into the steaming piles of--life--whether I want to or not.

No, I don't fight shape shifting monsters from another dimension on a regular basis, saving the world from the sex-crazed beasts. However, if I did run across one, I'd suggest they run. I still have room in my yard for more bodies, you know.

And no, I don't use my personal sex life as a blueprint for my erotic novels. I'm really not that exciting. Just my imagination is, although my husband likes to brag that I have to use him to do 'research' frequently. It's a guy thing, I swear!

Angelina Jolie probably doesn't kick everyone's ass chasing after Pandora's Box or the latest doo-dad (although you never know--all those kids can frustrate even the most patient of mothers).

Gerard Butler probably isn't leading a huge band of muscled Roman warriors to war every day. But if he is, I'm the first in line!

The vampires and werewolves shown in the Twilight movies really don't wander around Forks, Washington on a regular basis. Honestly, while I've seen some tourists sport some pretty impressive bling, I have yet to see any sparkling vampires. Werewolves, I am still on the fence over; there was this one guy with a really hairy back down at the beach…

Anyhow, the next time you happen to see Angelina Jolie, Gerard Butler, Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson or even Shrek wandering down the street, just keep in mind that the characters they play in their movies most likely came from the twisted imagination of someone just like me… or you.

You never know what amazing characters or stories lurk behind the simplest of facades.


Cassidy McKay
(Author of Erotic Romances)
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Clothing optional. Inhibitions forbidden.

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